Argonaut Turkey

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Head Office:
Esbelli Mahallesi, 44/A,
Urgup - Nevsehir - Turkey
T: +90 384 341 6255
F: +90 384 341 6257

Member of TURSAB
Licence #3565

A modest, one-woman travel agency that got out of hand...

Argonaut Escapades was founded in 1997 in Urgup, the chief town of Cappadocia  It did pretty much what every other travel agency does. It organized private and small-group tours. It arranged transportation. It found nice, attractive hotels. It supplied good guides. Most of all it specialized in setting up walking tours . I did much of the guiding myself, 
but I also managed to put together a small but super team of English-speaking guides. Our clients, I suppose, liked us. They came back. They sent their friends.

My workload kept growing. Ten years ago I opened a second office in Ephesus, faraway at the western end  of our huge country. Ephesus is a great location for tours in Western Turkey. Nearly everything along the Aegean coast that a visitor may be interested in - Pergamum, Pamukkale, Miletus, Bodrum, Fethiye, the Greek Islands - is within manageable distance. The airport  is near.

We have a good arrangement with a partner in Istanbul who takes care of our operations in the Big City. 

Sailing  is no problem either (Lutfiye, great girl, fixes it smoothly out of the port of Gocek). 

Hot-air ballooning I love,and so will make sure to sell it to you. 

Golfing I am clueless about. But if you ask, I am sure we can arrange something in that piece of turf, too.

Is this of any interest to you? I hope it is. If we can do anything for you, please let us know 
 Please be kind enough to give as much information about your needs as you can (approximate dates of travel, how many people, any special interests or requirements, any specific facts you would like to find out about...).

We will do our best to make your trip in Turkey easy, fun and unforgettable.

Sevim Karabiyik Toper

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